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Hon Secretary   MB Michael Blumberg  02076243925/ 07583518661   [email protected]
Hon Fix Sec     PM Paul Maloney      01483870076                [email protected]
Hon Treasurer   AW Tony Whiteway     078418703852               [email protected]
Club Captain    TB Tom Brockton      07931177044                [email protected]

Match Manager   AC Andy Collins      ask the Hon Sec            [email protected]
Match Manager   KG Keith Alexander   02084821320  07873317050   [email protected]
Match Manager   KS Kevin Smith       07951730698                [email protected]
Match Manager   AG Andy Gregory      
07539394747                [email protected]
Match Manager   AS Andy Stokes       07899990973/ 07722415945   
[email protected]
Match Manager   SW Saurabh Wahi      07833675084               
[email protected]           07516511772              
Match Manager   RM Russell Mann      07775601553                [email protected]
Match Manager   VK Vic Kandampully   07508 810264               [email protected]
Match Manager   AM Andrew Marshall   07900262480                
[email protected]
Match Manager   VG Vince Gavin       07803051577                
[email protected]
Match Manager   BB Ben Butcher       07882500032                
[email protected] 
Match Manager   TM Tom Marshall      07807309941                [email protected]

Match Manager   DE Duncan Ellis      07811584405                [email protected]
Match Manager   BB Ben Butcher       07882500032                [email protected]


Central Europe Mark Surridge
Kenya          David Walters
Uganda         John Nagenda
Australia      Tim Bourke
New Zealand    Steve Hambleton
France         John Hardy
Spain          Geoff Evans

Admin & Postal Address   Nomads CC 3 Whitehall London SW1A 2DD  

Telephone 02078396519

Nomads CC also a Facebook Page  and has a   Play-Cricket Web site


 Tom Brockton     Andy Collins     Keith Alexander  Middy Mann Michael Blumberg  Andrew Gregory  Vic Kandampully  Vince Gavin  Andy Marshall Saurabh Wahi Duncan Ellis Tom Marshall

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