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Monday BH May 2nd v Barnes CC

Match 16 Nomads CC v Barnes CC 261 Lonsdale Road London SW13 9QL Saturday May 2nd 2016,1.30pm -Declaration match


Result:  Nomads  won by 3 wickets
Toss:    Barnes CC
Umpires: Nick Stevenson & others
Scorer:  Several

A Scott      c Lane     b B Smith 29
A Bowles     c Brockton b A Smith  7
R Longstreet bowled       B Smith 20
T Fahy       c O Smith  b Butcher 17
M Harriman + bowled       B Smith  4
T Camps      bowled       Butcher 28
D Martin     c O Smith  b Butcher 17
A Foulds*    bowled       Shawl    4
A Rahman     lbw        b Butcher  0
H Hobson     not out               3
C Perfect    lbw        b O Smith  3
Extras       (b10,lb4,w2,nb0)     16
TOTAL       (All out,34.1 overs) 145


Bowling-B Smith 9 0 56 3,A Smith 7 1 16 1,Butcher 10 3 25 4,Shawl 7 2 32 1,O Smith 1.1 0 2 1.

J Lascelles  c Camps      b Scott   0
T Liversidge c Longstreet b Foulds  0
D Steele     bowled         Hobson 51
O Smith      bowled         Foulds 11
J Lane+      st Harriman  b Scott   8
A Smith*     lbw          b Scott  14
T Brockton   bowled         Rahman  1
B Smith      not out               22
S Shawl      not out               13
Extras      (b8,lb4,w14)           26
TOTAL      (7 wickets,25.2 overs) 146
Dnb:ME Blumberg,B Butcher.


Bowling-Foulds 4 0 13 2,Scott 8.2 1 37 3,Rahman 6 0 27 1,Perfect 4 0 30 0,Hobson 3 0 26 1.

Smiths bring victory for Nomads 

Nomads enjoyed their return  to Barnes where the Smith Family put in a fine all round performance resulting in a comfortable three wicket win.

Barnes won the toss and elected to bat(there was a forecast threat of rain later). Andrew Smith took the first wicket at 23 but younger son Ben after some initial punishment from Alex Scott found line and length to take  three wickets, 69-4. Fahy and Camps and then Martin and Camps put together stands of 24 and 39 but Ben Butcher with three wickets and the returning Shawl reduced to Barnes to 137-9. The introduction of Olly Smith was too much for number 11 who fell at 145.all out off 34.1 overs. The Smiths had taken a 'fifer' between them.

A fullsome tea was enjoyed and the Tea Lady announced that both her sons had played for Nomads in past years as a result of Charlton Lamb urging her to come along and bring her young sons.The late lamented Charlton had quite a list of mums with cricketing sons who have made up, particularly midweek, sides with very good effects.

Despite the extensive refreshment both Nomads openers recored ducks! Then Olly Smith was bowled by Alex Foulds and Jamie Lane was stumped. Skipper Andrew Smith hit his first ball for six but then he was undone by a googly as he shouldered arms and was adjudged lbw.  All the while David Steele had been striking the ball with authority. Yet his command at the crease did little to inspire   Tom Brockton who was bowled for 1 by Barnes debutant Rahman.   Ben Smith joined Steele and these two added 32 before Steele having completed a fine fifty was bowled by Hobson attempting a migthy drive.

Sajjad Shawl joined Ben Smith and these two added a further 33 assured runs to bring victory with a great many overs spare.

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