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Nomads in Spain March 7-12th L'Alfas del Pi

March 7-12  2019  

Four Matches at Woodbridge Oval Bulevar Musics, 14, 03581  L'Alfas del Pi  March 8,9,10,11th    Played 4 Won 1 Lost 3

 Most Nomads tourists   stayed   at the Albir Playa Hotel, two at Albir Gardens and one at Kaktus Hotel.  

Tour Party :Tom Brockton, Michael Blumberg, Bill Johnson, Ross Ormiston, Kevin Smith, Hugo Morris, Sajjad Shawl, Jon Thornton,  Nigel Hussey, Ranjit Latchman, Kyle Bradley, Ben Ralphs,Mark Firth,Nigel Green-scorer,Michael Perkins-umpire and Graham Howe.Late arrivals Simon Barter & Matt Jefferson   (Not in picture-Bill Johnson,Graham Howe & Sajjad Shawl) plus local umpire Vincent O'Reilly 


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