Nomads Tours 2022

Nomads plan a series of seven tours to familiar locations in 2022 plus the new venture for Nomads of Ibiza. In 2023 we will explore some new destinations. There are also so far two ‘Rebel’ or subsidiary tours run by the Club’s Honorary Social Secretary Bill Johnson which tend to be populated almost entirely by Nomads members.

March 10-15th Sporting Alfas Albir L’Alfas Del Pi Spain 4 matches

April 1-5th Roma Capanelle Italy 3/4 matches

April 23-26th Menorca Cricket Club  Biniparrell Menorca Spain    2 matches

July 27-29th Shropshire 3 matches Cancelled

August 26-30th Dordogne France 3 matches Cancelled

October 13-18th Sporting Alfas ….Albir L’Alfas Del Pi Spain 4 matches

October 28-31st Ibiza CC Ibiza Spain

For further information contact the Nomads Hon Sec Michael Blumberg

Subsidiary, formerly Rebel, ‘B’ tours include one to St Moritz in February Menorca also in April and Corfu in October . Anyone interested in these should contact Bill Johnson!