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Simon Barter & Katrina Pinchin get Married

 Jack Hyams gives the Bride Away


 Heart Glasses  Katrina Pinchin,Honorary Nomad, married Simon Barter, Full Member, on Saturday December 2nd 2006 at St Vincent's Church Caythorpe,Lincolnshire


Heart Glasses Katrina was given away by Jack Hyams Nomads oldest playing member just short of his 87 birthday, Katrina and Jack were naturally late for the wedding 



Simon and Katrina man and wife, opening bat and natural number 11


 Love Forever 

A good number of other Nomads were present including Hon Sec Michael Blumberg and Michael Thewlis. Simon, a regular Nomad tourist to Spain and, in particular L'Alfas Del Pi, was introduced to Katrina by evergreen Jack at the Cafe Benidorm in Benidorm the obsessive night time haunt on tour of both Simon and Jack.

Rumour has it that  one night Simon did not score but was smitten instead and so Katrina on a hen party week to Benidorm returned home to tell her friends she had met a man who had invited her to visit him at his Chateau in Paris. Well PGL's Chateau, but the rest was true, and romance blossomed..just another nuance of Nomads cricket tours.

Katrina has played for Nomads in both Spain and Slovenia. At the time of his wedding Simon who first met Nomads when captain of Saumur CC had yet to play for Nomads CC in UK and still has not!(2014).Simon & Katrina currently work and play in Australia

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