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Sunday April 26th v Gaieties CC

MATCH 05 Nomads CC v Gaieties CC Sunday April 26th at Oxford University Press Ground Oxford

Result:Match Drawn
Toss: Gaieties
Umpires:Dave Scott & Others
Scorer: Several
Debut(s):Arshad Khan.

B Nealon   not out         124
R Crowe    bowled de Caires 79
S Dutta    not out           4
R Thurston not out          61
Extras    (b6,lb1,w3)       10
TOTAL (2 wickets,36 overs) 278
Dnb:D Tuohey.H Thurston,J Schneider,M Burton,I Thomas,N Cowley,D Doc.


Bowling-De Caires 9 1 41 1,Khan 6 0 71 0,Keble-White 5 0 34 0,Blumberg 4 0 35 0,O Smith 4 0 33 0,A Smith 5 0 46 0,Peerless 3 0 18 0.

K Alexander   c Doc   b Burton      2
J Lascelles   lbw     b Burton     25
C Peerless    c Crowe b Cowley      0
A Smith       c & b     Tuohey     31
P Brown       bowled    H Thurston 19
D de Caires   bowled    H Thurston  9
J Lane        not out              24
M Keble-White c & b     Tuohey      3
A Khan        not out               8
Extras       (b15,lb2,w9,nb2)      28
TOTAL       (7 wickets, 48 overs) 150
Dnb:ME Blumberg,O Smith.


Bowling-Cowley 10 1 40 1,Burton 8 3 20 2,Tuohey 14 6 32 2,H Thurston 10 3 31 2, Schneider 3 1 3 0,Dutta 1 0 2 0,R Thurston 1 0 1 0,Thomas 1 0 5 0.

Nomads no match for Gaieties 

 A rather mature Nomads/Virgin side came seriously second to Gaieties.We dropped both openers and should have run out one as well all early in their innings.Profiting from these lapses Gaieties then ran riot over the Nomads bowling added and abetted by some bizarre field placing.Sometime Nomad Ben Nealon hit an undefeated century and Crowe 79 with a flurry of sixes.Gaieties thus declared at 278-2 off not much over 30 overs.In fact Denis de Caires had bowled well and one early over had Crowe playing and missing at every ball.
Shomit Dutta's decaration was generous giving Nomads the best part of 20 more overs to chase the target.To achieve that some of our top order had to make a substantial score. Despite the familiarity of the Gaieties opening attack of Nick Cowley and Matt Burton both of whom have played in many a Nomad fixture over the years Nomads reply went into self destruct mode when first Keith Alexander and then Charles Peerless gave their wickets away tamely.Lascelles prospered for a while until attempting a pull off a straight ball which did not bounce as anticipated.
Gaieties did then bowl a lot of lollipops, left arm and right arm..Andy Smith hit some clean blows before patting the ball back to the bowler. He was fatigued by then!. Paul Brown and Denis de Caires hit a few boundaries but neither stayed long. Jamie Lane batted with a runner and slowly the innings ground to a halt as he and Arshad Khan played out a comfortable draw while Shomit Dutta employed a variety of bowlers in an attempt to break the partnership. Thus the assembled masses were spared the tedium of the President stonewalling until stumps.
A sumptious tea was enjoyed. 

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