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Sunday June 28th v Hoddesdon CC

MATCH 16 Nomads CC v Hoddesdon CC Low Field Hoddesdon Herts Sunday June 28th 11.30am

Toss:Hoddesdon CC
Result: Match Drawn
Umpires:D Eckworth & Others
Scorers:Several including S Hitch
Debuts:H Jordan,R Pells,S Hitch,A Small,A Brown.

G Hitch    c Alexander b Pells    0
M Byrne    c Alexander b C Lamb 139
S Wright   not out              106
J Dean+    c N Lamb    b C Lamb   0
B Andrews  bowled        N Lamb  19
J Balkham  bowled        C Lamb  17
R Jones    bowled        Pells   28
S Brown    c A Brown   b Hitch   13
A Lee      bowled        N Lamb  19
R Walters* not out               34
Extras    (b8,lb2,w5,nb0)        15
TOTAL     (8 wickets,48 overs)  390
Dnb:C Kandy


Bowling-Pells 7 0 51 2,Small 5 0 62 0,Blumberg 8 1 64 0,Peerless 6 0 67 0,Hitch 6 1 42 1,C Lamb 7 0 37 3,N Lamb 9 0 57 2.

K Alexander c Walters  b Hitch   7
J Lascelles not out            124
C Peerless  bowled       Jones  51
N Lamb      c Byrne    b Brown  70
H Jordan    bowled       Brown   1
R Pells     run out              0
S Hitch     bowled       Lee     5
A Small     bowled       Lee     4
A Brown     not out              0
Extras     (b22,lb3,w3,nb2)     30
TOTAL     (7 wickets,50 overs) 285
Dnb:GC Lamb,ME Blumberg.


Bowling-Jones 12 2 76 1,Hitch 6 1 34 1,Handy 14 0 82 0,Walters 3 0 28 0,Brown 6 2 14 2,Lee 5 1 16 2,Balkham 4 0 17 0.

Not Nomads finest day!

It was most unfortunate that we had so many drop outs last week and we could find no one to substitute. In the end Hoddesdon lent us a host of eager youngsters to make up numbers. As Charlton & Nathan were stuck in traffic we began with seven fielders then eight as a tiny George beetled about the field and so to nine and eventually 11 by which time Hoddesdon's second wicket partnership was past 200. Not carnage, just careful placing of the ball amidst the huge gaps in the field. There were some errors. Wright should have been caught a couple of times and Byrne played and missed several times. However by the time Charlton Lamb had arrived and been introduced to the attack the score was passed 200 and yet the wily master induced a series of errors which brought him 3-37 including the prize of Byrne, out for 139.

Nathan Lamb clean bowled two batsmen but Hoddesdon relentlessly continued to bat as Wright slowly neared his century. However as he seldom had the strike this continued for a very long time. Eventually the young Andrew Small came back for a second spell and he was mercilessly smashed about the ground by Walters for six balls so that the declaration came at 390 off 48 overs. This is the record total ever scored off Nomads in 106 years.!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Lascelles was in a right mood as he padded up complaining that Hoddesdon had batted too long. However by the time Nomads innings had ended and the match was a draw he was smiles all round and duly bought a jug of beer to celebrate his unbeaten 124! Nomads had scored 285-7 off 49 overs in reply.

Until Nathan Lamb was out for 70, 230-3, Nomads were on course to match the huge Hoddesdon total. Earlier Charles Peerless had stroked an impressive 51. Only Keith Alexander rather carelessly had missed out on some fairly friendly bowling. After Nathan was out we gave the Hoddesdon youngsters a bat holding back the ancients Charlton Lamb and Blumberg in case we needed to hold out for a draw.

Hoddesdon provided a vast amount of food and the weather was very warm. It was a great shame that Nomads did not muster a full eleven though it did give a lot of local youngsters a long game of cricket to enjoy as well as a lot of running about in the field. Hoddesdon were more than hospitable.

Amidst all this mayhem Nomads bowled two maidens one from Michael Blumberg to centurion Byrne and the other by guest Stewart Hitch to one of his pals.