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Sunday May 10th v Headley CC

MATCH 07 Nomads CC v Headley Sunday May 10th at Headley Common Surrey 1.30pm 

Result:Headley won by 3 wickets
Toss: Headley CC
Scorer: Several
Debut(s):Brad Murphy.

K Alexander c Clark b Waller     59
J Lascelles bowled    Mears       5
C Peerless  not out              87
B Murphy    bowled    Waller     17
A Smith     bowled    Waller      0
A Peters    bowled    Waller     24
R Fanthorpe lbw     b Waller      0
GC Lamb     c & b     Waller      4
V Nath      c Stone b A Pickering 3
J Mervis    not out               6
Extras     (b10,lb9,w3,nb2)      24
TOTAL (8 wickets dec,48 overs)  227

Bowling-Clark 5 0 31 0,Mears 6 0 42 1,Waller 19 5 44 6,Stone 6 0 46 0,Tyson 6 0 26 0,A Pickering 6 0 21 1.

G Noble     c Peerless b Murphy   48
M Pickering run out               45
B Ashworth  lbw        b Smith     6
G Tyson     c & b        Murphy   26
W Waller    bowled       Blumberg 67
B Bassis    c Lamb     b Blumberg  8
C Banks     bowled       Blumberg  0
A Pickering not out                9
A Stone     not out                6
Extras      (b0,lb3,w3,nb0)        6
TOTAL     (7 wickets,32.1 overs) 231


Bowling-Peters 5 1 12 0,A Smith 11 1 60 1,Peerless 4 0 51 0,Murphy 7 0 43 2,Blumberg 5 0 52 3,Mervis 0.1 0 14 0.

Age impairs Nomads performance

Nomads fielded probably the oldest ever eleven in its history at Headley on Sunday May 10th and lost by 3 wickets. We lost the toss and were invited to bat and our ambition was to post a mighty total as quick as possible to allow our meagre bowling resouces the chance to bowl out or frustrate Headley. This plan was thwarted by Headley’s Waller who bowled 19 overs,6-44! and also by a frustrating 9th wicket partnership where Nomads’ number 10 and Headley contrived successfully to keep Peerless from the strike. The last ten overs produced a mere 29 runs.

Jeremy Lascelles was bowled early by a pearler from the otherwise inaccurate Mears whereupon Aleaxander and Peerless added 98 before Alexander having strained a calf muscles attempted the airial route off Waller only to be caught near the pavilion by Clark for 59. Brad Murphy on debut hit two sixes before being undone by Waller and then Andy Smith was bowled first ball!Andy Peters joined Peerless and played some elegant shots as the partnership added 44 .Peters then became Waller's 4th victim. Richard Fanthorpe walked across his stumps and was lbw to Waller. Vinoo Nath smashed the ball high to mid on and Charlton Lamb mistimed a drive to give Waller his 6th wicket caught & bowled. Jeffrey Mervis joined Peerless and single handedly thwarted Peerless' ambition to reach a century and enable the skipper to make a declaration.Eventually the innings was closed on 227-8.

Alame Keith Alexander kept impeccablywhich gave us a new found bowler in our other keeper debutant Murphy
Andy Peters bowled a commendable tight opening spell but then took himself off exhausted. In the light of what followed this was a pity indeed.! Andy Smith removed opener Pickering with some nimble footwork and followed that up with the wicket of Ashworth. Some nimble fielders would have seriously improved his figures.Murphy replaced the savaged Peerless and removed Noble and Tyson,140-4.. However much of our bowling was attacked with relish by Headley’s batsmen especially Waller until in the midst of a truly dreadful spell of bowling the skipper Blumberg took a hat trick including bowling Waller. However this was a bit late in the day and Headley coasted to victory with 3.5 overs to spare.
We had expected to potentially bowl 40 overs at Headley but so many boundary sixes were hit that we lost many overs as a result.

We were pleased to be graced by the presence of Headley President Michael Pickard in colourful attire and former Sunday skipper Malcom Moss who joined us for part of the 2002/2003 India tour.

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