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Sunday May 29th v Follies Farm Old Spots CC


MATCH 23   NOMADS CC v Follies Farm Old Spots CC  at Follies Farm High Street Green Chiddingfold Sunday May 29th  2016  1.30pm

Result:   Nomads won by 15 runs
Nomads CC 

A Stokes    c Hicks b Rowlands    7
R Ormiston  lbw     b M Barson   14
T Brockton  c Grant b Hicks      41
A Smith     bowled    M Barson    0
B Smith     bowled    Barson      0
J Lane      bowled    Grant       2
D Steele+*  c Cryer b McGahon     2
A Newman    bowled    McGahon     6
C Page      lbw     b Grant       4
C Royals    not out              14
ME Blumberg c Cryer b Hall        1
Extras      (b4,lb0,w9,nb8)      21
TOTAL      (All out,37.4 overs) 112


 Bowling-Rowland 5 0 21 1,Hicks 8 1 26 1,M Barson 3 1 7 3,Grant 8 6 5 2,MGahon 8 2 16 2,Hall 5.4 0 16 1.

B Cryer   st Steele  b Page    5
J Hardman c Steele   b Page   12
M Barson  bowled       Stokes 61
H Grant   st Steele  b Page    2
S Roser   bowled       Royals  0
D McGahon c Ormiston b Royals  0
T Barson+ c A Smith  b Royals  0
J Hicks   bowled       Stokes  2
D Rowland not out              3
S Hall*   bowled       Stokes  3
T Hawkins absent hurt
Extras    (b5,lb0,w2,nb0)      9
TOTAL    (All out,28.3 overs) 97


 Bowling-Brockton 4 0 19 0,Page 8 3 12 3,Royals 8 0 25 3,A Smith 6 0 31 0,Stokes 2.3 0 10 3.


 Threefers for Page,Royals and Stokes gives Nomads victory in low scoring match

The drive down A3 was for most of us irksome, due to the traffic, but surelynot as vexatious as for Pagey and Mike, whose car lost an exhaust as he pulled up to their meeting point. No amount of four by two could repair it and the pair were forced to arrive in Pagey's classic BMW.

The pitch looked hard and on winning the toss David Steele elected to bat in orderto give the late comers adequate time. A steady start gave no inkling of the drama to come.It soon became clear that the track was anything but a 'road'. Variable bounce accountedfor both openers. Stokes got a lifter which he cut to the third man boundary and Ross Ormiston got one that kept low. Smiths A and B completed the hat-trick *started by Ross's LBW. Lane and Steele fell in quick succession, Allen Newman cut a six before being bowled by another shooter. Thoughout all this carnage, at the other end, Club Captain Tom Brockton played a nuggetý classic. The eight boundaries showed he was quick to punish the bad ball but watchfulness was the key to his long vigil.. With his dismissal at 95, for 41, it was left to Chris Royals and Mike Bloomberg to add sixteen precious runs and the Nomads were bowled out for 112.

Brockton, from the pavilliion end, and Page opened the bowling. Page struck in his first over, having a luckless Cryer stumped by Steele. Hardman and Barson scored well but neither could master Page, and when Ben Smith coughed up a head high chance given by Barson off the Club Captain we feared our chance had gone. 

Page had it on a string, though, and kept us in the game. Hardman nicked to the keeper and Grant followed Cryer in being stumped by Steele.By now Royals had replaced Brockton and got into some rythym. Barson was smashing bad balls to the boundary but no one stayed with him as the Follies trio of five, six and seven all went for ducks. One to a blinding catch low to his right at first slip by Ross.Page having bowled out his eight overs, taking 3-12, Andy Smith took over at the far end and continued the good work. He found the ridge regularly and the Follies desperation showed in the shots they now played.

Once Royals had bowled his eight overs (3-25)Captain Steele turned to the destroyer Stokes. Battleship may be more accurate as he is no greyhound, but his first ball was a pearler knocking back Barson's off stump, for 61, The late order had now answer to the swing and pace of Stokes as he wrapped up the game in double quick time to finish with 3-10 off 15 balls.

A highly satisfying win, by 15 runs, that showed some real Nomads characteristics: grit, gutsiness and bitchiness, of course.

An excellent tea, with traditional ham sandwiches, and conviviality after game rounded off an excellent day

* The Hat Trick by Max Barson was taken with the first three balls of his first over ever on debut for Follies Farm CC


        Nomads enjoy a post victory drink                                              Nomads enjoy a drink with Follies skipper Steve Hall 


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