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Sunday May 31st v Follies Farm Old Spots CC

MATCH 12   NOMADS CC v Follies Farm Old Spots CC  at Follies Farm High Street Green Chiddingfold Sunday May 31st 2009  1.30pm

Result: FFOS won by 119 runs
Umpires: David Hogg & others
Scorers: Various

D Lumley    bowled     T Lascelles 0
S Rosser    bowled     Page       43
A Forsdike  st Hill  b Page       35
O Englehart c N Lamb b Page       34
O Powell    not out              107
J Campling  not out               74
Extras     (b8,lb1,w3)            12
TOTAL     (4 wickets,40 overs)   311
Dnb:J Sayer,D Leng,D Watson,D Walton,F Eresley,P Rollins


Bowling-T Lascelles 8 0 60 1,Kerrigan 8 0 52 0,Page 8 0 52 3,Blumberg 8 0 62 0,GC Lamb 7 0 53 0,Mann 1 0 22 0.

J Lascelles c Leng     b Sayer  12
A Hill      c Forsdike b Sayer  36
T Kerrigan  lbw        b Watson  5
N Lamb      bowled       Watson  6
T Lascelles bowled       Powell 17
N Cooper    bowled       Sayer  81
C Page      bowled       Powell  6
GC Lamb     run out              0
S Marions   bowled       Wataon  1
ME Blumberg not out              3
R Mann      not out              5
Extras     (b7,lb3,w6,nb4)      20
TOTAL     (9 wickets,40 overs) 192


Bowling-Rollins 6 4 7 0,Leng 8 3 18 0,Sayer 6 1 42 3,Watson 7 1 31 3,Powell 5 0 30 2,Forsdike 4 0 18 0,Lumley 3 1 22 0,Campling 1 0 7 0.

Powell & Sayer massacre Nomads bowling

Nomads enjoyed a wonderful sunny afternoon at Follies Farm as well as the excellant hospitality of Angelo Economou and the the Old Spots CC. Our generosity reached new bounds as having lost the toss and fielded we conceded 311 runs in 40 overs. Things started well with Tom Lascelles bowling the opener for a duck and Tom Kerrigan shortly after having number three adjudged lbw but we called him back then dropped him at gully.

However the introduction of Chris Page removed the eccentric Rosser bowled as well as the more conventional Forsdike stumped,93-3 before half time was reasonable especially in view of the close proximity of the boundary on the far side of the ground from the pavilion. At 20 overs FFOS were 109-3. The tall Oscar Powell and Ollie Englehart put on 59 runs before Nathan Lamb took a good catch to remove Englehart. Unfortunately a well taken catch by Nick Cooper would have likewise removed Powell if he had not run over the boundary line after taking the catch.

Campling joined Powell and these two mercilessly flayed the Nomads bowling mostly in 4s and 6s over the short boundary as well as some mighty drives to long on area.Their several mis hits were well placed, between or short of the, fielders although Nathan Lamb made two worthy attempts (well almost miraculous) to catch this pair off his father's bowling. The last ten overs resulted in 110 runs including 22 off one over from Russell Mann who had to bowl an over as the skipper messed up the bowlers sequence. FFOS finished on 311 with Powell on 107* and Campling 74*.

Andy Hill was persuaded to keep in Keith Alexander's absence and Nick Cooper filled the spare place rather well with his batting!

After an excellent tea it was essential that Hill and Lascelles got off to a good start.On the contrary they struggled so much so that Nomads had only 22 runs on the board after ten overs.Jeremy was caught for 12,Tom Kerrigan lbw for 5 and Nathan Lamb bowled for 6,60-3. Unfortunately just as Andy Hill had started too find the range he hit a long hop straight to long on, a long hit in itself.He was gone for 36 with including two 6s. Tom Lascelles and Nick Cooper began to find the boundary regularly so that at 20 overs we were 92-4 some 17 runs behind FFOS at the same point. Unfortunately Tom Lascelles was soon bowled by Powell for 17 in over 22.

Nick Cooper continued to pound the short boundary but no one could match his runflow. Nick had hit four 6s in his innings of 85 before being bowled by a long hop grubber which deserved the six hit treatment. Nomads thus finished a long way second with 192-9, a disappointingly feeble challenge to FFOS's total.

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