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Sunday September 20th v Kensington CC

MATCH 46 Nomads CC v Kensington CC at Mill Hill Village CC  Burtonhole Lane The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London NW7 1AS  12 noon


Toss::  Nomads won the toss
Result: Kensington won by 8 wickets
Umpires:John Carter & Others  
Debuts :

NOMADS CC Innings:
A Satter     c Amar   b Nandi
A Marshall   c Thomas b Nandi
T Kerrigan   c Ghosh  b Nandi    
C Gallaher   c Singh  b Thomas
ME Blumberg  c Nayar  b Amar
D Terblanche c Nayar  b Chellew
M Andrew     not out
K Thomas     c Senn   b Singh
S Abdul      not out
Extras      (b5,lb2,w7,nb3)
TOTAL     (7 wickets,40 overs) 158
Absent K Alexander,N Lamb,K Sutherland,S Wahi,R Gabriel,GC Lamb


Bowling-Nandi 8 4 16 3,Nayar 6 2 13 0,Thomas 4 0 27 1,Chellew 6 1 26 1,Sen 7 2 26 0,Amar 5 2 15 1,Singh 4 0 22 1.

S Gore    c Marshall  b Terblanche 
S Thomas  bowled        Terblanche
J Pickles not out
R Ghosh   not out
Extras   ( b8,lb6,w0,nb1)
TOTAL    (2 wickets, 29.4 overs)  161
Dnb:P Singh,G Thomas,N Nayar,S Senn,C Chellew,B Nandi,S Amar.


Bowling-Terblanche 7.4 3 33 2,Kerrigan 5 0 42 0,Satter 8 0 19 0,Gallaher 5 0 20 0,Blumberg 4 0 33 0.



For a variety of reasons, some good, some less so, six players became unavailable overnight or during the morning of Sunday. Thanks to Kensington  we constructed a match which sensibly Kensington won. On another day several of the top order would be expected to make big innings and thus set Kensington a testing target. In the event some injudiious shots against the good bowling of Bish Nandi found Nomads reeling at 66-5.A long period of rebuilding took place as the skipper etched out an innings and when he was finally out in the 30th over the returning three batsmen raised the total to a respectable 158.

Two early wickets by Terblanche and some edgy shots from Pickles and Ghosh gave Nomads some hope for a serious upset but these two batsmen batted sensibly, first digging in and then playing their shots. Kensington thus ran out deserved victors by 8 wickets, their second victory since the matches began in 2003.

Generously Kensington skipper Rohan Ghosh presented Delarey Terblanche with a bottle of Black Label as Nomads Man of the Match and Michael Blumberg presented Rohan Ghosh with a Special Cobra as Kensinton MOM.

A beautiful sunny day was rescued but just how so many players could fall ill or go awhol so late in the day is mind boggling. May it never happen again.