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Wednesday August 12th v Barnes CC

MATCH 37 Nomads CC  v   Barnes CC  Wednesday August 12th 2.00pm,  Lonsdale Road, London SW13

Result:   Nomads won by 25 runs
Toss:     Nomads CC
Umpires:  Paul Smithies & Others
Scorer(s):Bill Rodwell
Debuts:   Will Noble, Charles Stewart-Liberty.

A Sattar          st Walters b Faure   60
A Peters          bowled       Puccini 61
N Lamb            bowled       Collins 76
B Murphy*         c Bates    b Faure    8
R Fanthorpe       lbw        b Puccini  0
C Stewart-Liberty c Collins  b Bates   19
C Peerless        run out               0
W Noble           not out              11
M Oppe+           not out               5
Extras           (b6,lb1,8,nb1)        16
TOTAL            (7 wickets,40 overs) 256
Dnb:R Stanning,D Williams.


Bowling-Bates 7 0 51 1,Brett 5 0 31 0,Collins 7 0 36 1,Puccini 8 1 36 2,Faure 8 1 54 2,Pansetroun 5 0 39 0.

P Fuller      c Stanning        b Williams  35
J Hampton     c Liberty-Stewart b Noble      9
T Cuthbertson bowled              Stanning   0
B Robinson    c Stewart-Liberty b Noble      8
G Puccini     c Noble           b S-Liberty 44
A Walters     c Williams        b Peerless  55
A Collins     not out                       50
D Faure       c Oppe            b Peerless   6
S Brett       bowled              Peerless   0
Extras        (b5,lb13,w1,nb3)              22
TOTAL        (8 wickets,40 overs)          231
Dnb:D Bates,D Pansetrouw.


Bowling-Stanning 8 1 40 1,Stewart-Liberty 8 0 52 1,Noble 5 1 23 2,Williams 4 1 35 1,Sattar 8 0 27 0,Lamb 2 0 22 0,Peerless 5 0 12 3.

Nomads Catching ensures win at Barnes

Nomads enjoyed a good day's cricket on Wednesday despite two breaks for rain during the Barnes innings.  Nomads posted a substantial total thanks to fifties from Abdul, Andy and Nathan  which threatened to be even greater for much of the innings. Had David Stewart-Liberty connected with but a few of his mighty strokes the total would certainly have been huge.

Barnes lost several wickets early while maintaining a good run rate,61-4.Two productive stands from Puccini & Walters then Walters & Collins theatened to sweep Barnes to victory in the gloom.Tight bowling from first Abdula and then Charles Peerless restricted the innings and Williams and Noble took two good catches in the deep. So Nomads finished winners by 25 runs.

It was good to have support during the day from Charlton Lamb, Saurabh Wahi, Joe Ireland, Andy & Ben Smith, Russell Mann, Dickie Wyse and San Gore. Bill Rodwell scored and Brad Murphy captained the side.

Nomads were well fed and watered until late in the evening thanks to Barnes' hospitality.