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Wednesday August 26th v Highgate CC

MATCH 39 Nomads CC v Highgate CC  Shepherd's Cot  Park Road London N8-40/40 match with 10 max per bowler subsequently modified

Toss:   Nomads won the toss
Result: Highgate won by 5 wickets D?L Method
Umpires:David Spector & Others
Scorers:Michael Blumberg
Debuts :None

NOMADS CC Innings:
A Satter     c Holly     b Francis  0
J Lascelles  c Holly     b Horsler  5
N Lamb       c Holly     b Brown    4
A Peters     bowled        Horsler 59
R Ghosh      bowled        Brown   52
R Achillini  bowled p/o    Brown   23
S Wahi       c de Keller b Morris  12
D Gluckman  not out                 8
M Oppe      c Goodridge  b Francis  6
D Williams  not out                 6
Extras     (b2,lb7,w6,nb1)         16
TOTAL      (9 wickets,40 overs)   211


Bowling-Francis 6 4 9 2,Brown 6 2 19 3,Steed 4 0 41 0,Horsler 10 1 48 2,Gillam 5 0 22 0,Karhari 5 0 26 0,Morris 3 0 35 2.

HIGHGATE CC Innings (Revised Target 158 off 30 overs)
M Holly     c Satter b Ghosh   9
F Goodridge st Oppe  b Satter 30
B Browne    lbw      b Ghosh   9
A Karhari   run out(Achillini) 8
R Francis   not out           67
R Lancaster bowled     Ghosh   6
D de Keller not out           11
Extras      (b3,lb3,w14,nb0)  20
TOTAL   (5 wickets,29 overs) 160
Dnb:S Horsler,P Morris,R Gillam,J Steed.


Bowling-Ghosh 70 33 3,N Lamb 7 0 48 0,Satter 8 1 22 1,Williams 6 0 41 0,Achillini 1 0 7 0.


Youth and Rain defeat Nomads

We were all waiting for the Match Manager and skipper on the day Keith alexander to turn up.In his absence 12th man Michael Blumberg won the toss and elected to bat. In the meantime David  Garforth-Bles had turned up having rung Keith who said turn up.So we had 11 and Blumberg scored.

The game started in bright sunshine and on a very bouncy pitch Nomads were soon in trouble losing 3 wickets for a mere 27.The young opening bowlers were removed in accordance with ECB guidelines and as the persistant drizzle set in so did Peters and Ghosh who put on 74. Peters was bowled for 59. Ghosh and Achillini took the score to 148 in the 28 over whereupon Ghosh was also bowled for 52. Thereafter wickets fell fairly steadily as a further 63 runs were scored in miserable conditions. 

A superb Thai 'tea' was much enjoyed and the game continued in awful conditions so much so that play was stopped for a while. When play resumed the umpire had unilaterally reduced the game to 3 o overs with a target of 158. this prompted the highgate skipper to run on the field and request a reduction of maximum overs per bowler! Eventually it was agreed that two bowlers could bowl 8 overs and the rest no more than 7. Nomads seemed to be steadily taking wickets and heading for victory despite bowling with a 'bar of soap'. With the fall of the 5th wicket at 118 in the 23rd over it was still even stevens! However young batsmen Francis and his partner de Keller put on 42 runs in the next six overs to secure a win for the home side with an over to spare. Francis hit 67 runs showing a wide range of strokes and great power for one so young.

Despite the foul weather Nomads were supported by Neil Senn,Charlton Lamb,Arshad Khan,Karyn Williams and parents.After the match a fair quantity of ale and some more Thai food was consumed- and Keith still had not turned up! 

This was the first time Nomads had played Highgate in the modern era and hopefully will be repeated.