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Wednesday July 30th v Hambledon CC

MATCH 25   NOMADS CC v Hambledon Ridge Meadow Hambledon Hants Wednesday July 30th 2009 2.00pm-40/40 no limit on bowlers

Toss:    Nomads won the toss
Result:  Hambledon won by 4 wickets
Umpires: Peter Green & others
Scorers: Michael Blumberg
Debut(s):Shabaz Satters,Ravi Farooq,Chris Reardon.

J Hess    c Rathod      b King       49
A Peters  bowled          Lavous     60
A Satters st Freemantle b L Le Clerq 29
N Lamb    c Cowling     b M Le Clerk 14
O Farooq  c Findley     b M Le Clerq 18
R Farooq  bowled               Baker  4
C Reardon not out                     4
N Dugdale bowled          Cowling     4
M Oppe    not out                     1
Extras   (b5,lb2,w8,nb1)             16
TOTAL    (7 wickets,40 overs)       199
Dnb:S Satters,B Andrews.


Bowling-Cowling 5 1 24 1,Baker 6 0 40 0,King 6 0 37 1,Rathod 7 1 16 0,Lavous 6 0 36 1,L Le  Clerq 6 0 36 1,M Le Clerq 4 0 13 2.

F Findlay    c A Satters b Andrews  23
M Mann       c Hess      b R Farooq  1
F Freemantle retired               100
G Gilliatt   lbw         b Dugdale  14
L Le Clerq   run out                 8
G King       c R Farooq  b Satters  21
J Lavous     not out                 8
M LeClerq    not out                 0
Extras      (b5,lb8,w11,nb3)        27
TOTAL       (6 wickets,39.2 overs) 202
Dnb:P Rathod,J Baker,C Cowling.



Bowling-O Farooq 7 1 26 0,R Farooq 5 0 31 1,S Satters 5 0 28 0,Andrews 4 0 28 1,A Satters 7 0 20 1,Dugdale 8 0 36 1,Reardon 3 0 16 0,Hess 0.2 0 4 0.

Nomads far too generous lose to Hambledon

Despite torrential rain in many parts Nomads completed a match with Hambledon with barely a drop. In our most generous way we gifted the game to our hosts who won in the last over of a 40/40 match.

We had set off as if 250 would be the total with John Hess and Andy Peters in fine form hitting 99 in 15 overs but then the innings' momentum ground to a trickle after the top order had thrown their wickets away.

Despite two very good catches by John Hess and Abdul Satter we  dropped three catches  and missed a run out to assist Hambledon in their run chase. So did 27 extras for our young opening attack had radar problems which our subsequent slow and spin attack was not quite able to correct. For Hambledon Freemantle hit a fluent century but not without chances which should have been taken.

Nomads had 13 players and an umpire present as befits the occassion of our playing such a historic club which was pretty good considering we had 11/12 sodden souls watching the rain in Shropshire on tour as well!.And a very good tea indeed!

Hambledon Cricket Club