Nomads Cricket Clubs

There are many cricket clubs around the world which include the word Nomads even those that no longer wander but own their own ground and clubhouse. For some Nomads like those in Manila cricket is not the major sport. From time to time this list will be built up but do prompt us if you would like your club added, Remember only Nomads in this section.

It is of note that the colours of the Northern Nomads founded 1902 and Manila Nomads founded 1914 are the same -Green and Silver. Furthermore these were the original colours of Hampstead Nomads changed in 1910 to the current colours. so far research has failed to find any contemporary connection.


Such is the fickle nature of cricket clubs and their websites that at any time some will be a dead, the website that is, rather than the cricket club on the other hand a Facebook page may be active.

Casual Nomads Cricket Club
This totally Jewish cricket club was formed in 1970s to play  Sunday cricket. They also competed in the Maccabi League and Stuart Neil KO Cup. they are struggling at present.
Church Street Nomads CC
Founded 1977 the club runs one wandering Sunday XI from its West London/Middlesex base…no web site known may have ceased
Eldon Nomads CC
A social club of drinking cricketers in Hampshire based on The Eldon Arms Public House. The pub has changed its name to the Weather Station and maybe the cricket team has ceased?
Leyton Nomads
Founded 1925 the club runs one Sunday XI and plays at the Peter May SC Walthamstow known web site but a Twitter account. 
Litchfield Nomads CC
Litchfield Nomads play on Sundays and when ‘at home’ at Barton Under Needwood. In 2002 they toured Mechelen .
Luton Nomads / Crawley Green Nomads
Founded in 1973 from the demise of Luton Water Company CC and Paladin CC the club is sedentary based at the Crawley Green Road Recreational Ground playing League weekend and evening midweek cricket.
Manila Nomads Sports Club
This major private multiple sports club founded in 1914 has played cricket since the 1960s. It is the HQ of the Philippines Cricket Association
Martlesham Nomads Cricket Club
This Suffolk club was  born in 2003 from the merger of Martlesham CC & Ipswich Nomads CC and enjoys a rather fine web site.
Northern Nomads
These are Scots Nomads from the North of Scotland Cricket Association-NOSCA..and down the wee dram in one.
not to be mixed up with The Northern Nomads CC based active Cheshire & Merseyside. 
Nomads CC but in Zurich Switzerland
Founded 1984 Nomads the Zurich Nomads no relation to the Gnomes reached the final of the Swiss CC League Championship in 2004 but then lost to Geneva CC. Typical Nomads! 
Nomads CC but not us
A colourful web site full of Nomads playing around Swindon and points west but just not us. they now have a ground in Glos and a web site with play-cricket.


Nomads CC(Mansfield) CC
No longer in Mansfield but are based in Newstead village, Nottinghamshire since 2014 and play in a lowly division of The Bassetlaw & District League.

Northern Nomads  CC
Founded in 1892 Northern Nomads are located in  Merseyside and have always had a strong fixture list against Northern Public Schools and touring sides. MCC library has some fixture cards from 1892 to 1946.
Northwood Nomads CC
Founded 1982 the club run one Sunday side and play home matches at the John ruskin SC Croydon…no known web site


Orpington CC Nomads
Claims to be the oldest women’s cricket club in Kent
Preston Nomads Cricket club
Founded in 1927 in Brighton the club moved to its present beautiful location in 1937.The club was a founder member of the Sussex Cricket League in 1971, runs three XIS and a huge youth section with boys and girls.
Richmond Nomads CC
Founded 1946 the club runs one Saturday and one Sunday XI and sometimes plays at the Bank of England SC
The Freiburg Nomads Cricket Club
Probably founded in 1987 the club is now part of Freiburg Rugby Club and plays at the Seepark Freiburg(Betzenhausen). There is another cricket club at Freiburg namely Freiburg CC so there’s is no shortage of opposition.
The Forest Nomads
The Forest Nomads take their name from The Forest of Dean. Conceived in 1984 they have regularly toured overseas in sunny climes.
University Of Exeter Nomads CC
A social side with a huge membership that charges only �3.00 each for tea and match fee!
Worcester Nomads CC
Formed in 1927 this leading Worcesterhire cricket club is situated in the small village of Bransford on the Hereford road from Worcester itself. David Pearson updates this attractive website but not recently! The club play in the Worcesterhire County League..

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