Season 1987

Played 27 Won 9 Drawn 3 Tied 0 Lost 15 Cancelled 19

Nomads at Leatherhead Sunday September 27th

In between the showers the Club completed some 27 matches  out of 46 arranged. 2 matches were abandoned while 9 were won, 3 drawn and 15 were lost. However 17 is a lot of games cancelled.

Although the Club suffered some catastrophic defeats there were good victories over Brook, Ashstead, Indian Gymkhana, Leatherhead, Abingdon (10 wickets) and over the President’s XI. 

There were centuries scored by Frank Stuckey,Alan MacDanel and Andrew Dunley. 

John Dunley and Tim Barson had their best batting season to date but many other leading batsmen hit poor form or were seldom available. 

The batting experienced some sensational collapses the worst being at Oxford Downs where we seemed to have won the match.  We lost five wickets for 1 run when requiring 3 to win! Blumberg was stranded at the other end while this carnage took place involving centurion Stuckey and James Drayton(1st ball) who both thought they might as well win the match with a six only to be caught on the boundary! 

The bowling was very benign or grossly inaccurate. Candidate John Kelly took 21 wickets and skipper Tim Bourke 23 being the most successful of a numerous but unsuccessful pool of bowlers. 

Sidney Caulfield Trophy: John Dunley 1987  Colin Owen-Browne Trophy: David Alexander