We include below a number of noteworthy achievements and records of Nomads players as far as we have them who do not appear in the figures compiled, namely 1993-2020, 1967-1982 and 1924-1937.Mostly missing are 1904-1914, 1946-1966 and several years 1984-1992.

Granny’ HNE Alston kept a record of his Nomads performances. These included two seasons where he did the double 1000 runs and 100 wickets. His ailing eyesight brought a premature end to his batting prowess but he continued to bowl into his 75th year. His record is as follows-1950-1983, he scored 8,045 runs, average 24.37, and took 1,173 wickets, .

Roger Kinsella, a New Zealander played two seasons for us, 1991 and 1992.. It would have been more had he not been ‘pinched’ by Frogs and Cryptics. His sister played for New Zealand and his father was a first class Umpire. Also he played for New Zealand at 8 a side Indoor cricket. His record is thus- 1157 runs average 60.57 , 3 centuries top score 121. He did not bowl much nor ask to until one day the opposition annoyed him and he requested the new ball, 8-17 was the result.

Major HR Roy Wright had a fantastic 1st season with Nomads in 1949. He scored 1400 runs and took 125 wickets. Though never repeating this success and relocating far North he continued with Nomads for many years and, in fact, played for Nomads in 1974 at Balliol College.He also played centre forward for Wolverhampton Wanderers when Amateurs still played(this has not been verified).

Tim Bourke, an Australian who captained Nomads for a couple of seasons in the 1980s set a new record for an individual score, 176*, made against a very good Indian Gymkhana attack. Much of his period with Nomads covers the same as we are without Score Books (perhaps he has them) and averages. Despite his abject defence he will have scored a load of runs and taken many wickets.

Pat Meen hit 1136 runs in the club’s Golden Jubilee year of 1953. He captained the club in 1954 & 55. He is another whose Nomads career matches a period in which we are devoid of scorebooks and averages. Peter Brooke, Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandeville spoke in awe of Pat Mean’s powerful batting.

Tom Chamberlain played through the fifties. David Morton described him as of ungainly gait but nurdling and nudging endless runs for Nomads. We have no averages to confirm this comment.

Wilfred Picton Turbervill ( 1912-2002) played for Nomads extensively from 1946 onwards into the 1960s. He was club captain 1950-1953 and still a match manager in 1961. He opened the batting and bowled a lot. We have recorded one century he scored in 1953 but with no averages for the period we may only conjecture on the number of runs and wickets he accrued. We met his grandson in Cambridge 2020. Wilfrid’s aunt Edith was a formidable Lady. Coincidently the mother of Gerald Eiolart was for many years Edith P-T ‘s secretary.

Cecil Myring (1908-1983) was a stalwart of Wandering cricket before and after WW2 . He played regularly for Nomads. He was a wicket keeper and batsman. Seldom a star performer he was renown for his good humour and reliability. He became President of the club 1965-1969 and a Vice President thereafter. He visited us when on tour in Dorset in 1981.

Gerard Eiolart held the record for the highest individual score for some 34  years, 156 v Caius College Cambridge, 1952   As a young Nomad he was prone to set up camp at opponents’ ground the night before so  the few early birds arriving the next day would find the young Gerard squatting outside his tent brewing tea. Rediscovered at Merrow going off to play for their Sunday 2nd XI he played some more games for Nomads in his twilight years revealing himself to still have an astonishing good eye. At Harrow School playing against The Hill, barely 15 minutes had passed, before G Eiolart was out for 49 out of 50, He must have scored loads of runs for Nomads in his youth.