Season 1962

1962 Played 48 Won 13 Drawn 16 Tied 0 Lost 19 Cancelled 8  

  President LF Matthews  Club Captain DGB Bishop  Hon Sec SB Caulfield

The AGM was held at the ‘The Crown’ Brewer Street W1 with a large number of Nomads present-LF Matthews, C Myring, W Picton-Turberville, Major Macmorland, D Harrison, A Morris, J Gold, M Penn, B Rea, R Norton, E Warburg, N Henderson, J Powell, D Evans, D Alexander, A Moore, K Dowd, N Roberts, J Kain, C Smith, I Scott-Kilvert, H Alston, C Innis, R Wright, M Brownhill, P Bartlett, R Whitaker, D Keating, S Caulfied, V Matthews, G Line and B Smyth.