Season 1989

The Hon Sec Michael Blumberg hit 99 against the Hill CC, indeed he hit 90s also against Quilibets and Holmbury St Mary. Seriously Careless. The Averages for this year are missing! Ugh! As are most Scorecards.

At a committee meeting on 31st January 1990 the last item of the minutes reads that the Hon Sec has not yet received the original scorecards or copies of a great many matches, particularly those in the possession of Tim Bourke. At the subsequent AGM in March at The Clarence Pub, Whitehall Tim Bourke complained that the Hon Sec had not mentioned a century he had scored! Presumably Tim still has the Scorecards or has discarded them long ago. A pity!

1989 Played 37 Won 11 Drawn 12 Tied 0 Lost 14 Cancelled 17

Club Captain; Tim Bourke

Sidney Caulfield Trophy: Michael Blumberg 1989 Colin Owen-Browne Trophy: Josh Coad