MATCH 22 NOMADS CC v Eton College 2nd XI at Upper Club Eton College Saturday June 6th 1931  

Result:   Eton College 2nd XI won by 116 runs
Toss:     Not recorded  
Umpires:  Not recorded 
Scorer:   Not recorded 
Debut(s): Not Known

ETON COLLEGE 2nd XI  Innings 
GR Branch     c & b      Hallam    16
JH Cripps     lbw      b Williams  17
JH Lane Fox   not out              54
AM Hedley     bowled     Hallam    68
C Bewicke     not out              19
Extras                             18
TOTAL    (3 wkts dec,45.2 overs)  192
Dnb:HJ Keigwin,BA Johnston+,RM Chapman,TW Phipps,RD Tate,J Grimond,DC Goschen.

Fow:Not recorded

Bowling-Moss 8 0 47 0,Williams 12 1 45 1, Beart 12 3 35 0,Hallam  9.2 1 35 2, Moir 4 1 12 0.

RH Priestley   bowled        Phipps   10
RAM Hallam     bowled        Phipps    0 
NM Ling        bowled        Phipps    7 
JM Moss        st Johnston b Grimond  31 
JC Williams    c Hedley    b Phipps    2 
LJ Crook       bowled        Grimond   9
R Arendt       lbw         b Grimond    
JWJ Moir       bowled        Goshen    0 
W Prescott     c Johnston  b Grimond   8
H MacKenzie    bowled        Goshen    0
H Trafford     not out                 0 
Extras                                 4 
TOTAL        (All out, 31 overs)      76 

Fow:Not recorded

Bowling-Phipps  12 2 26 5,Chapman 7 3 12 0,Grimond 8 2 24 4,Goshen 4 1 10 2.


This score card was provided by Chris Horne partly via the Eton College Chronicle.

Jo Grimond later became leader of the Liberal Party and Brian Johnston behind the stumps became a consummate BBC Broadcaster and centrepiece of Test Match special.

JWR Moir was also captain of Amersham & Chilterns RFC

RH Priestley was also a member of MCC and Free Forresters.

LJ Crook scored a century (114) against Whitgift School in 1931. He played regularly between the Wars being the heaviest run scorer. He also toured the Channel Islands with Nomads scoring 66 against Major Morris’ XI in which team the teenage HNE Alston played. Click Here

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