Geoff Moss passed away in 2010 after a battle with Cancer. Goff Moss had been a very dedicated coach of youngsters, particulaly at the Bank Of England Sports Club in recent years. He was reputedly once on the Warwickshire staff before joining the Police Force.

He played for decades for Met Police being a good exponent of leg spin. He played for Nomads in midweek matches. Geoff came to India with Michael Blumberg’s first tour to the subcontinent under the banner of Cricket World XI in 1991. Geoff had a mischievous glint in his eye as he told innumerable stories(fact and fiction) but also when he seemed to delight in the politically incorrect with respect to immigrants and women. Despite his persistent line in prejudice, black and brown cricketers loved him. He also had a serious mysogynist line in humour but he was never short of female admirers and in fact lived for many years with Liz Salaman.

Geoff managed to be invalided out of the Police Force with early retirement despite continuing to play for Met Police at cricket. He lost his battle with cancer this spring. On a last visit from David Spoke he sat up and announced “I’ll be up and coaching again soon, I’ll just have to live with this bloody cancer thing”. Sadly he didn’t. Along with many colleagues and friends several Nomads attended his funeral and wake at the Bank Of England Sports Club including Paul Maloney, Charlton Lamb and Michael Blumberg.

Before the match between Nomads and Met Police on May 1st 2010 both teams stood for two minutes silence in memory of Geoff Moss. Geoffrey was also a poet and Liz Salaman has published a book of his poetry.