Photographer:   Nic Fletcher    Location:  Sporting Alfas March 15th 2008 

With overs to go the 11th wicket stand may have been important. The President swings to leg off the sixth ball of an over and completes a comfortable single. Then to the amazement of all he calls for a second so as to give his young swashbuckling partner the strike and makes it, not without a tumble.  Aslam hit ten off the next over before getting carried away with 11 balls still to go.  The last wicket had added 20. Despite the reality of this innings partly captured here, it was wiped off the Sporting Alfas and Spanish CA web site record of the match!     Their website editing programme could not accommodate the eccentricity of a 12 man innings! Blumberg not out 3

Another not out, last wicket stand 20   

March 2008 Spain Nomads Tour Summary

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