I Zingari Cricket Club 1845 Gents of Worcestershire 1848  Incogniti Cricket Club 1861   Free Foresters Cricket Club 1856
Emeriti Cricket Club 1872  Wanderers Cricket Club 1873  Butterflies Cricket Club 1862   Harlequins Cricket Club 1852   
Gents of Cheshire c.1850 
Lords and Commons 1850 Stoics Cricket Club 1877 Band Of Brothers CC 1858  
Yorkshire Gents CC 1863   Quidnuncs 1851    Bluemantles 1862  
Gents of Leicestershire 1868   
Hampshire Hogs  1887 
Northern Nomads 1892    Craven Gentlemen 1892    Borderers c.1892 
Somerset Stagglers 1900     Devon Dumplings CC 1902     Berkshire Gentlemen 1895    Romany(Yorks) 1895/1902 
Nomads Cricket Club 1903 
Frogs Cricket Club 1903 Gents of Staffordshire 1904    Glamorgan Nomads 1904   
Cornish Choughs CC 1906  Gents of Shropshire CC 1906
Dorset Rangers CC 1906
Sussex Martlets 1905    
Gents of Essex 1907     Yellowhammers 1907″ Cryptics 1910    Invalids 1919   
Gentlemen of Suffolk 1921    Gloucestershire Gipsies 1922     Durham Pilgrims 1922    Penguins 1923   
Thames Valley Ramblers1921  Grasshoppers 1923 Stragglers of Asia 1925 South Wales Hunts 1926 
Lincolnshire Gentlemen 1928 Jesters CC 1928     Romany 1929    Souwesters 1930  
Buccaneers  1930  The Stage 1931  South Oxford Amateurs 1933   Wiltshire Queries 1933 
Gaieties CC 1937   
Flycatchers 1934  
Arabs 1935    Woodpeckers 1936   
Forty Club 1937 
Bushmen 1942 
Cricket Society XI 1949 Boffins  1949
Lord’s Taverners  1950
Almondbury Casuals 1952    Ravers Cricket Club 1954 Grannies 1956  
Badgers Cricket club 1958      Privateers 1958 Saints 1959   Jack Frost XI 1961
Lord Gnomes XI 1963  Mandarins 1963 or 64   Old England 1968   Thames Valley Gents 1968   
Heartaches 1973 Touring Theatres 1974    Weekenders 1970s    Fleet Street Strollers 1976  
Captain Scott Invitation XI   Kensington 1982(1848)  
Chelsea Arts Club 1984
Hetairoi 1980   
Journeymen 1988 Harry Baldwin Occass 1986    Sydenhurst Ramblers 1946  Gents of Shropshire 1906   
Law Society 1929   Brighton Brunswick 1870  Paralytics    London Theatres     1957 
Erratics CC 1934  Butler XI 1988  Spasmodics  1935  Nondescripts           1870s 
Gents of Herefordshire 1850s  Paddington 1920  Moose 1979  Fleet Street Wanderers   1989 
The Philanderers 1986 
Eclectics CC   Phene Philanderers 1968  Fantasians CC 1981
Australia House Temple Sheen Eccentrics CC 1960s Chinghoppers CC 1932 London New Zealand CC 1951
London Erratics CC 1974 Gentlemen of Hampstead CCDemijohns CC 1957Gents of West London CC 1988
Cricketers Club of London 1974Harrow Wayfarers CC 1957Authors CC 1891/2012Strollers CC 2002
Mallards CC 1970sWine Trade SCEast Herts Cavaliers CCFiddlers CC 1947
Pimlico Strollers 1987Shopwyke Strollers CCWarwickshire Imps CC 1925Surrey Cryptics CC 1976
West Norfolk CCSouthwell Rambers CCAncient Mariners CC 1925Refreshers CC 1976
Arden Taverners CCBeamers CCBunburrys CC 1986Barmy Army CC 1995
Mogador Wanderers CC 1949Fathers & Sprogs CC 1982Serbian Sloggers CC 1984Old Castletonians CC 1962
Waggoners CC 1987Old Ashfordians 1928Bohemians CC 1979Goodwill Wanderers CC 1962
Dulwich Wanderers CC 1930Roving Reporters 1973RNVR CC 1946VCC Belsize Village CC 1984
Uplands CC 1930The Blues 1947Tabard Pilgrims CC 1996Nepotists CC 1980
Players & Jesters 1975Gentlemen of Cambridge CCWormcasts CC 1984 Strokemakers CC
Leprechauns CC 1948Thespids CC French Barbarians CC 2015York Wanderers CC 1947
Wessex Pilgrims CC 1977Rioteers CCGents of England 1751/2015Graces Cricket Club
Remnants CC 1980De Flamingo’s CC Hobgoblin Nomads CC 2010Paddington Rabbits CC
Apothecaries & Artists CCThe Min CC 1982 Richmond Nomads CC 1946 The Sunday Seconds CC 2019


Over the course of British Cricket history many Wandering clubs have come and gone. Some became Wanderers with the loss of their original ground while others went from Wanderers to securing their current ground and some of these still kept their original description “Wanderers, Nomads, Ramblers” in the club name. Others failed when no new officers of the club could be found as incumbent men retired or died.

Some Wandering Clubs find excellent homes after many decades of Wandering. Hampshire Hogs CC 1877 settled at Wheely Down Warnford in 1966. Pelicans CC 1964 settled at Nag’s Head Meadow Great Missenden and added the name 1996. Armadillos CC 1987 settled in 2009 at the historic Sheffield Park ground. There are more like this.

Among those that seem to have disappeared are- Concert Artistes CC, The Ducks CC, Carmelites CC, Caterpillars CC, Putney Eccentrics CC, Acenarians CC, Lazarusians CC(Peter O’Toole’s XI), Hampstead Itinerants CC, Dragonflies CC, Hampstead Mercenaries CC, Fencibles CC, Pratlers CC, Thames Valley Gentlemen CC, El Vino’s CC(Reg Hayter’s XI) and many others.

There have also been wandering sides raised by notable men from varying backgrounds like Bertie Joel XI, Vic Lewis XI, Tom Pugh’s XI, etc which thrived in their lifetime.

If we have missed out a current Wandering Club please let us know and we will update the list. There are some Wandering clubs which are definitely active as they appear in other clubs fixtures lists but do not seem to have a Facebook Page nor a Website. There is a slight Southern and England bias to this list.

Many of the London Gentlemen’s Clubs have cricket teams which wander such as East India, RAC, Saville, Carlton, Groucho and more. Parliament has its own Wandering Club Lords & Commons CC founded 1849. Indeed may pubs and wine bars have nurtured wandering cricket clubs which thrive for a period the most renown being El Vino’s CC. The Royal Opera House has a cricket team as does the ENO.

Hot Press a Wandering Cricket Association (WCA) is in formation striving to promote and support Wandering cricket throughout the United Kingdom. If anyone has any more news of this venture do let us know.

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