Golden Jubilee Cricket Week

 Front row Ivan Stewart,Tim Norwood,Wilfrd Picton Turbeville,Lotti Warburg,Eric Warburg,Tom Chamberlain,Dai Jenkins, Michael West . Back row Pat Meen, John Smith, AN Other, Prince Anirud Singh, Dick Strong, ANother.

Cricket Week Matches at the Hurlingham Club 

London Clergy 112(Rev G Taylor 47,Boughey 5-27) lost to Nomads   113-3 by 7 wickets 

Nomads 261-6dec(W Picton-Turbervill 101,Dr H Jory 47) beat Lords & Commons 174(D Pring 57,Picton-Turbervill 5-16) by 87 runs 

Nomads  179-9dec,N Boughey 31, RD Owen  30*,J Farmer 29) drew with The Law Society 180-9(R Carke 59,S Rubinstein 42) 

Dragonflies 229-5dec(Major Gillett 64,Cmdr E Hamiliton-Hill 48,H Hamilton-Hill 40*) drew with Nomads 232-3(Picton-Turberville 71*,J Farmer 51*,Chamberlain 48)  

Royal Fusiliers 131(K Anirudsinhji 4-35, D Jenkins 3-30) lost to Nomads 135-4(Jenkins 41*,K Anirudsinhji 34*T Norwood 32) by 6 wickets 

Nomads 234-9dec(H Alson 48,M Reynolds 41,P Meen 38,) beat Downside Wanderers  142 (Hussey 47,Hopkins 29,H Alston 7-31) by 92 runs 

Butterflies 147(D Lomax 47,G O Allen 44,D Clegg 34,G Boughey 7-43) lost to Nomads 148-7(M Reynolds 62) by 3 wickets 

As published in The Cricketer July 25th 1953  
This was the Coronation Year and the summer England regained the Ashes. This was a fairly wet summer as some will remember so to complete this seven  match programme without interruption was lucky indeed!