Nomads Cricket Club Archive Websites

Nomads Cricket Club Archive website– This section contains a great many of the scorecards and tours from 1903 – 2018 some of which has been updated and is found also on the main website. Many of the links won’t work within this site. Over time most of the content will find its way onto the Current site.

Nomads former website via the Web Archive 2017. Most of that website is here

Nomads former website old design 2016. Not all pages can be accessed on this

Nomads former website earlier website 2009. A lot of stuff here

Nomads website was founded in 1997 by Michael Barnet and Michael Blumberg and soon developed by Mark Caswell of Independent Web Marketing. Since then the website has changed platforms some six times.

H Browning Nomads skipper 1912

Further information of Nomads CC & Hampstead Nomads may be found on the Cricket Archive, Cricketer Magazine Archive and the Cricket Archive. the last is free to access, the first two require a subscription.