Tour to Oporto October 2nd-5th

Nomads are playing and staying mostly at the  Oporto Cricket &Lawn Tennis    Rua do Campo Alegre 532, 4150 Porto, Portugal.  We play two matches Saturday and Sunday October 3rd & 4th.

Confirmed so far(4/5/2020)- Oporto Confirmed so far- Michael Blumberg, Tom Brockton & Leigh ?, Steve Dummer, Bill Johnson, Bill Rodwell, Chetan Malhotra, Jason Caunt, Will Noble, Charles Fellows-Smith+Alicia?, Charlie Dickins and wife, Ben Ralphs 

Threatening– Richard Clark, Andy Stokes, Sajjad Shawl, Kevin Smith.

For further information contact the Hon Sec -Michael Blumberg