The first Centurions were commanders in the Roman military but for the last two centuries or so the term refers to cricket batsmen who hit 100 runs or more in a single innings. For some batsmen this is a fairly regular occurrence but for others it can be a lifetime highlight.

In Test and 1st Class cricket John Berry Hobbs hit the most 199 and doubtless a good number more in other cricket matches.

In UK Southern Club Cricket Joe Misso of Brentham CC is accredited with 310 and the next most (all confirmed) is Len Newman of Alexandra Park CC with 250 although some of those were completed after the game was won as was the tradition in times past.

Charles James Tomlin Pool who skippered Nomads in the 1930s for a few seasons scored the first ever century by a Northamptonshire player after they joined the County Championship in 1905. Previously he had scored 157 on debut in the Minor County Championship 1896.

Among Nomads the following have scored over 100 centuries. Jack Hyams 176 (confirmed), Con Davies 114 (confirmed), Bob Cooke, Charles Forward and Mark Williams. Unfortunately few of these centuries were scored while playing for Nomads. Mark Williams hit four and Charles Forward one.

Among current and recent Nomads a huge number of centuries have been scored by James While, Ranjit Latchman, Paul Wakefield, Jemile Al-Darraji, Tom Brockton, Andy Stokes, Andy Peters, John Olufawo, Vic Kandampully and others, more details to come.