Honours Board 2010

BATTING-50 runs and above
March     12th Kevin Smith         91   v Sporting Alfas MW XI

March     12th Ranjit Latchman     52   v Sporting Alfas MW XI
March     14th Simon Barter        94*  v Sporting Alfas Sunday XI
March     14th Jamshid Amir        55   v Sporting Alfas Sunday XI            
March     15th Ranjit Latchman     98   v Forty Club Of Spain      
April     25th Deleray Terblanche 100   v Gaieties CC
April     25th Abdul Sattar        68   v Gaieties CC
May        9th Abdul Sattar       142*  v Headley CC
May       15th Tim Carter          75   v Vienna CC
May       15th Bharat Maninder     74   v Vienna CC
May       16th James While         73   v Holmesdale CC
May       16th Andy Smith          69   v Holmesdale CC
May       16th Doug Bell           52   v Holmesdale CC
May       20th Johno Gordon        80   v Montenotte CC
May       20th Tim Monteleone     110   v Montenotte CC
May       23rd Shomit Dutta        80   v Pink Elephants CC 
May       30th Steve Marions       50   v Carlton Club CC
June      13th Abdul Sattar        84   v NPL Teddington CC
June      25th Andy Hill           64   v Eton Ramblers CC
June      25th Abdul Sattar        63   v Eton Ramblers CC
June      30th Abdul Sattar       120rt v Streatham & Marlborough CC
June      30th Rohan Ghosh         53   v Streatham & Marlborough CC
             July       4th Andy Peters         86   v Marlow Park CC

July       7th Harry Elbrow       115   v Plaxtol CC
July      19th Johno Gordon        83   v Stowe Templars CC
July      25th James While        111   v Cobham Avorians CC
July      25th Andy Smith          63*  v Cobham Avorians CC
July      25th Charles Peerless    51   v Cobham Avorians CC
August     1st Shomit Dutta        94   v Oxford Downs CC
August     8th Rob Woods           57   v Hampshire Hogs CC
August     8th Alex Scott          56   v Hampshire Hogs CC
August    11th Shahzeb Mohammed    52   v Barnes CC
August    11th Andy Peters         50   v Barnes CC
September  5th Charles Peerless    69   v Concorde CC
September 16th Andy Peters         56   v Abinger CC
September 16th David MacVicar      53*  v Abinger CC
September 19th Amit Shanker       100*  v Kensington CC
September 19th Shahzeb Mohammed    64*  v Kensington CC
September 25th Shahzeb Mohammed    50   v Tiddington CC
October   13th Kevin Smith         50*  v La Manga CC
October   13th Ranjit Latchman     50*  v La Manga CC
October   18th Paul Wakefield      53   v Forty Club Of Spain CC
October   18th Kevin Smith         51   v Forty Club Of Spain CC 
BOWLING-4 wickets or more
March  12th   Michael Blumberg      7    0  32  4 v Sporting Alfas MW XI
March  14th   Michael Blumberg      5.4  0  34  4 v Sporting Alfas Sunday XI

May    23rd   Tim Carter           11    0  75  4 v Pink Elephants CC
May    30th   James While           8    1  25  4 v Follies Farm Old Spots CC
May    31st   Michael Blumberg     10    1  58  5 v Carlton Club CC

July    4th   Chris Page            8    1  48  4 v Marlow Park CC
July   14th   Greg Hughes           9.5  0  64  5 v Sydenhurst Ramblers CC
July   19th   Abdul Sattar         12    2  81  4 v Stowe Templars CC
July   28th   Michael Blumberg      8    0  30  4 v Oswestry CC
August  8th   Rob Woods            21.5  2  74  4 v Hampshire Hogs CC 
August 22nd   Pradeesh Surindram   10.5  1  55  4 v Middleton Stoney CC
September 5th Oliver Croom-Johnson 19    9  45  6 v Concorde CC