Season 1979

1979 Played 53 Won 24 Drawn 17 Tied 0 Lost 12 Cancelled 11

Nomads visited Paris for the 1st time playing two matches with the Standard Athletic Club at Meudon and added a tour to Sussex as well as that to Suffolk.

Wandsworth Evening League 15/15- 8 ball overs
Played 8 Won 3 Tied 1 Lost 4 Placed  5th

Wandsworth Jubilee 7-a-side KO Cup
Lost Semi Final to Brown & Root

MCC Indoor Cricket League 6-a-side Dunlop Trophy
Played 11 Won 8 Lost 3 Placed 3rd

Hurley CC 6-a-side
Lost 2nd round

In all forms of cricket Nomads played 77 matches

Sidney Caulfield Trophy: David Alexander 1979 Colin Owen-Browne Trophy: John Gold