Nomads CC Annual General Meeting will be  held on March 4th Monday 2024  7.00pm  At Grange Strathmore Hotel 41 Queen’s Gate Gardens, London SW7 5NB 
The Strathmore  serves  us a substantial buffet Indian Cuisine dinner once the AGM is concluded for which the charge is £25. 

0 Welcome and Apologies  
1 Minutes of the last AGM   
2 Captain’s report for   2023   
3 The Hon Treasurer’s Report   2023 
4 Confirmation of New Members elected 2023
5 Election of Officers
6 Election Of Club Captain & Vice Captains  
7 Election of Committee Members
8 Annual Subscription
9 Fixing of Match Fee 2024 
10 Nomads Caps, Sweaters, Ties & Blazers and leisure wear 
11 Fixtures 2024 and Fixture Card 
12 Balls 
13 Umpires 
14 Welfare Officer Report and Review
15 Tours 2024 and beyond
16 Nets
17 Dinner  
18 Future management of club.
19 Any Other business 
 nb:  No resolution ( other than one relating to items 1-19 on the Agenda)  may be considered unless a notice signed by the member proposing to move  it and stating its terms has been received by the Hon Secretary  M.E.Blumberg 3 Whitehall London SW1A 2DD, not later than two days prior  to the AGM.

MEB February 12th  2024

Please  confirm that you will be attending or NOT and whether you will be  dining. We need twenty diners to have the room for Free.

 RSVP 07583518661 

The Grange Strathmore  is an imposing 4-Star hotel, located close to London’s most famous museums in South Kensington. A fully restored Victorian mansion, the hotel building was formerly the London residence of the Earl of Strathmore – the late Queen Mother’s father.

Season 2024

Confirmed so far-Michael Blumberg, Tom Brockton, Ranjit Latchman, Keith Jurianz, Vince Gavin, Arvind Joshi, Jon Thornton, Paul Maloney, Oliver Croom-Johnson, Paul Wakefield, Chris Bartlett plus Arthur, Mike Armitage(no dinner), Richard Eldridge, Chris Page, Andrew Penn, Victor Kamdampully, William Marriage, Nigel Hussey, Alastair Evans-Gordon, Nilesh Patel, Mike Blake, Naman Paropkari 22 Diners

Apologies– Paul Fielding, Rob Bonneywell, Andrew Marshall, Tom Marshall, Alan Newman, Yasin Mohammed, Nirav Jariwala, Ben Butcher, Nigel Bloch, Vishal Trivedi, Devam Shah, Mike Ghersie, Ben Ralphs, Bobby Collins, Peter Price, Charlie Dickins, Jamie Lane, Sajjad Shawl, Kevin Smith, Bill Johnson, Duncan Ellis, Nick Stevenson, Richard Clark