Saturday April 20th v Roehampton CC

MATCH 08 Nomads CC v Roehampton C C  Telegraph Road Putney London SW15 3TU Saturday April 20th 1.30  

Result:  Nomads won by 67 runs   
Umpires: Various  
Scorer:  Bill Rodwell & others    
Debut(s):Robert Holden 

R Khan         c Hasan   b Gerlach  19
C Malhotra     c Hasan   b Mahmood  13
S Beri         retired out         117
O Barnes+      retired out         121
Huzefa Sajawal bowled      Hasan    10
J Ireland      bowled      Rahman    0
Hamza Sajawal  c Mackay  b Fuchs     4
R Olhham       bowled      Hasan     0
R Konson       bowled      Fuchs     9
ME Blumberg*   bowled      Mahmood   4
C Page         not out               2
Extras        (b14,lb0,w4,nb3)      21
TOTAL         (All out,38.5 overs) 320


Bowling-Babar Mahmood 8 0 39 2,Basnett 6 0 41 0,Gerlach 4 0 47 1, Mackay 4 0 55 0,Fahad Hasan 6 0 71 2, Waqar Rahman 4 0 34 1,Fuchs

T Conway         bowled        Konson    7
D MacKay         st Barnes  b  Ireland  52
F Hasan          c & b         Page     15
Mohsin Selim     bowled        Page      0
R Basnett        st Barnes  b  Ireland  37
H Gerlach        bowled        Ireland  24
Babar Mahmood    c Ireland  b  Mulhotra 14
Waqar Rahman     bowled        Khan     24
S Broad          st Barnes  b  Khan      2
Dhamesh Vaghela* not out                 2
P Fuchs          not out                23
Extras           (b26,lb5,w8,nb13)      53
TOTAL            (9 wickets,40 overs)  253


Bowling-Konson 8 0 50 1,Hamza Sajawal 8 0 31 0,Page 8 0 43 2,Ireland 8 1 42 3,Holden 0.5 0 8 0,Molhatra 4.1 0 30 1,Khan 3 0 18 2.
* Some adjustments made from scorebook to make things add up.  

Pyrotechnics from Sanjay and Oliver facilitates Nomads easy win

We tried to persuade the opposition to play a time game but they insisted on a limited over format,40/40. Nomads lost the toss and were inserted. Both openers were out to rather good catches in total contrast to what happened later on. Sanjay Beri and Oliver Barnes set about the Roehampton bowling with a flood of powerful boundary shots.They should have been caught in the deep a couple of times but they had added 238 for the third wicket when both retired. Nomads then hit the self destruct button so much so that 6 wickets fell for just 31 runs. Nomads had posted 320.

Ryan Konson struggled to find his rhythm and was punished by diminutive Austalian MacKay. He did redeem himself by bowling Conway,43-1.  Hamza Sajawal at the other end settled into a steady spell bowling out his 8 overs for 31. First Joe Ireland and then Chris Page were brought on and there was a breakthrough at 90 with 3 wickets falling including Mackay for 51. The middle order played some shots but fell to Joe Ireland and Chetan Mulhotra. Konson returned but his line and length were still wayward and some runs flowed from the tail. Raheel Khan replaced Pagie and likewise sufferd some punishment before taking the last two wickets. Nomads had won by 67 runs.

In truth not a great fielding display as several catches were downed.Oliver Barnes stood in as keeper in the absence of a wicket keeper and did effect three stumpings but with a bad back the byes mounted.

Nomads were joined in the club bar by Roger Goodacre who many moons ago had played for Standard Athletic in Paris against the Nomads and his brother played quite a few games for Nomads in UK. Several units of canned beer having been consumed the remaining Nomads and Roger dispersed into the unusually warm April night.

Nomads in the field, Skipper at slip

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October 29, 2019 1:08 pm

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