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Sunday June 15th v Buccaneers CC

MATCH 28 NOMADS CC v BUCCANEERS CC 2.00pm, Barn Elms Sunday June 15th-  Declaration game,

Toss:   Nomads CC won the toss
Result: Match Drawn
Umpires:Michael Blumberg and others
Debuts :None

V Kandampully bowled    Plant  24
O Metcalf     c Shawl b Smith  17
N Kokri       c Shawl b Steele 40
C Chakravarti lbw     b Plant   6
S Srini       st Lane b Steele  0
R Rydon       c Shawl b Smith  64
M Mutkesh     bowled    Shawl   0
S Brandes     not out          23
W Metcalf     not out          15
Extras       (b7,lb3,w2,nb0)   12
TOTAL    (7 wkts dec,44 overs)207
Dnb:S Andrew,J Jones

Fow:Not recorded!

Bowling-Plant 11 1 31 2,A Smith 12 0 55 2,Steele 10 0 35 1,MacDonald-Barker 2 0 22 0, Shawl 9 0 44 1.
D Williams         c O Metcalf   b Andrews    4
T Brockton*        bowled          Rydon     12
R Ormiston         c Kandampully b Brandes   12
J Lane+            bowled          Brandes   26
A Hill             c ?           b W Metcalf 13
M Plant            c ?           b Brandes    2
J Dixon            bowled          W Metcalf  5
A Smith            lbw           b W Metcalf  6
A Smith            lbw           b Rydon      3
S Shawl            not out                    2
A MacDonald-Barker not out                    0
Extras            (b2,lb2,w3,nb0)             7
TOTAL             (9 wickets,43 overs)       94


Bowling-Rydon 10 5 6 2,Andrews 7 3 18 1,Srini 6 0 26 0,Brandes 10 1 34 3, W Metcalf 9 1 17 3.

 Poor Nomads Performance at Barn Elms

We hired the ground at Barnes Elms which was alright but lacks the ambience of a proper cricket ground. The tea was fine and the pubs nearbye provided a good choice as well.

Despite the late arrival of opening bowler Sajjad Nomads invited Buccaneers to bat who struggled to engender any momentum to the innings. When Plant and Steele removed the middle order cheaply and Shawl bowled Mutkesh Nomads had good reason to anticipate a modest Buccaneers total. However Rydon with assistance from Brandes transformed the Buccaneers innings with a flurry of fine shots so the innings was declared at a respectable 207 off 44 overs.

Nomads innings never really got to terms with the task of scoring 208 with wickets regularly falling for a meagre score. Jamie Lane top scored but it was left to the last pair to bat out several overs for an ignominious draw. Shawl somehow restrained his natural batting style and Barker blocked.