Sunday June 23rd v Haxted House

Match 37 NOMADS CC v HAXTED HOUSE CC Old East Haxted Farm Haxted near Lingfield Surrey TN8 6PT Sunday June 23rd 11.30

Result:  Nomads won by 6 wickets
Toss:    Haxted House
Umpires: Various
Scorers: Several
Debut(s):Shiv Kirloskar, K Bedi.

R Hayley*    c Kirloskar b Page      35
R Style      c Malhotra  b Marshall   0
J Waddington bowled        Page      22
H Waddington c Shawl     b Page      34
D Pitlarge   bowled        Shawl      9
P McGill+    c Farrell   b Marshall  23
E Searle     c Bedi      b Shawl      4
A Searle     c Bedi      b Ellis      3
M Layton     bowled        Kirloskar 17
I Shanley    bowled        Marshall   0
C Haydon     not out                  4
Extras      (b18,lb2,w3,nb0)         34
TOTAL       (All out,59.3 overs)    174

Fow:Not recorded

Bowling-Shawl 13 2 48 2,Marshall 16 9 22 3,Page 9 1 23 3,Ellis 8 1 29 1,Lotlecar 7 2 15 0,Malhotra 4 0 12 0,Kirloskar 2.3 0 11 1.

K Farrell   bowled           H Waddington  3
C Malhotra  c H Waddington b Hayley       48
J Lane      c E Searl      b Haydon        1
S Shawl     bowled           H Waddington 20
K Bedi+     bowled           H Waddington  0
S Kirloskar bowled           E Searl      10
A Marshall  not out                       56
C Page      not out                        9
Extras     (b7,lb2,w5,nb5)                19
TOTAL      (6 wickets,39.4 overs)        175
Dnb:J Ellis,P Lotlecar,ME Blumberg*.


Bowling-H Waddington 12 4 38 3(nb1),Haydon 11 1 34 1(w2),Shanley 1 0 17 0(w3,nb4),E Searl 7 1 32 1(w1,nb1),Hayley 4 0 15 1(w1,nb1),A Searl 1 0 8 0,J Waddington 3 1 12 0(w1),Style 1 0 9 0(w1). 

Andy Marshall sees Nomads home

There were many elements in this encounter that had the aura of yesteryear and the classic tales of wandering cricket at Village and Country House grounds. For a good while demand to play in this game was poor but then interest picked up as the weekend  approached and Nomads reached 13 in theory.  However the Match Manager had left one player off the published team list and he naturally made other arrangements. A former Indian Nomads player, over here on holiday, enquired about playing so we put him in touch with the opposition-Siddanth. On Saturday before the match we lost both wicket keepers but then Chetan offered two teenage sons of some friends holidaying in UK with the  World Cup in mind. Duncan Ellis offered us his  12 year old son who had had some winter nets with us. We were in theory 13 again.

When we arrived at Haxted house   and had settled in to the ramshackle former barn with a well stocked fridge that doubles as a Changing Area we learned that Siddhanth had cried off and HH were now 9. "No problem" we cried "You may have two of us" and so we lent them David Pitlarge and Dr Ivan Shanley(who had been up all night on medical duties).

Nomads skipper lost the toss and Robin Hayley elected to bat despite the fact that Sajjad had just arrived and thus in time for the start of play. 

Rupert Style continued with his series of ducks against us, driving airily at an Andy Marshall 'Slow' straight to Chetan at Mid off. Despite the Haxted batsman  playing and missing at Sajjad it was Professor Pagie who took out the top order starting with Robin Hayley. Robin had made 35 when distracted by the problem of the Rice Saucepan miscued Pagie to young Shiv in the covers.

Father and son Waddington put on a fair number but Pagie had them both in the end. Son James slogged to Sajjad at deep mid on and father Harry was bamboozled by an extra slow lob which trickled onto the stumps. David Pitlarge had an epic contest with Pagie's bowling but was removed by Sajjad bowling the last over before lunch.

After a superb lunch and much fine wine the game resumed and Sajjad removed Ed Searl by way of  a catch by young keeper Bedi. Ever so young Jack Ellis came on for a second spell this time down the hill and he had the even younger son Searl also caught behind by Bedi. This was a very youthful dismissal, the keeper 15 years old and the bowler 12 but the batman was younger.

McGill and Layton put on a good stand in the context of the game before Marshall removed McGill by way of a good tumbling catch by Kie Farrell and then bowled the sleep deprived Dr. Shanley. The final wicket fell to another young debutant Shiv  who bowled Layton for Haxted House to finish on 174 all out after 59.3 overs.

Nomads opened the batting with Kie Farrell and Chetan Malotra, two experienced campaigners while Haxted started with Waddington junior and Haydon. Waddington bowled well and had Kie early with a good one and later removed Sajjad via a rash shot and then young Bedi. Meanwhile Haydon took out Jamie Lane driving loosely. However Chetan remained solid and he and teenage Shiv had taken the score to 92 when Chetan smashed a full toss in the direction of square leg where Harry Waddington took a good catch, 92-5. Shortly after Ed Searl bowled Shiv Kirloskar so Nomads were 107-6.

At this juncture Chris Page joined Andrew Marshall. Nomads needed 68 to win off 30 odd overs. For the most part Pagie blocked while at the other Andrew Marshall played some fine attacking shots as Robin Hayley ran through his bowling options. Andy finished on 56 not out to take Nomads to victory by 4 wickets and that on top of an enormous delicious tea.

A lot of players seem to rush away shortly after the game whether to domestic chores or Sunday evening orgies we know not. However Robin Hayley dispensed some more excellent wine so a select few enjoyed the magic of a late summer's evening in the countryside. This so enhanced the mood of Mr 'Grumpy' Page and the umpire Nick that they demanded a visit to a local pub in Edenbridge and in the said pub's garden savoured the high and low aspects of a splendid day.

Thank you Robin Hayley and your faithful cook for so much hospitality, fine food and wine.!

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