Thursday June 6th v Margao CC Veterans(Goa)

MATCH 31 NOMADS v MARGAO CC Veterans Goa  at Crouch End CC Park Road London N8 8JJ   Thursday June 6th 2.00pm Time game with 20 overs from 6.30pm 

Toss:    Margao won the toss
Result:  Match Drawn
Umpires: Various
Scorer:  Several  
Debuts : Vic Mayer & Regge Raghu

MARGAO CC Innings                  R   
A Caro*   retired out            56
P Bramhas bowled    Stride        7
S Sameer  retired out            55
S Santosh retired out            56
U Uday    bowled    Fielding     11
M Milam   bowled    Fielding      4
J Sudish  retired out            25
H Hejas+  retired out            26
A Anup    not out                 6
A Amar    not out                 5
Extras    (b3,lb4,w1,nb0)         8
TOTAL     (8*wkts dec,35 overs) 262
Dnb:M Sudish

Fow:1-12(2),then not recorded

Bowling-Hamilton 4 0 34 0,Stride 5 0 37 1,Fielding 13 0 79 2,Page 5 0 32 0,Pradip 3 0 31 0,Raghu 4 0 31 0,Mayer 1 0 12 0.

R Style    bowled     Hejas  90
J Hamilton bowled     Hejas  80
C Stride   lbw      b Hejas   1
C Page     not out           10
M Armitage bowled     Hejas   1
V Mayer    not out            4
Extras    (b14,lb4,w4,nb1)   23
TOTAL     (4 wkts,47 overs) 204(-5)
Dnb:R Raghu,P Lotlecar,ME Blumberg*,T Carmichael+,P Fielding


Bowling-Santosh 5 1 14 0(w1),Milam 3 0 4 0,Amar 3 0 13 0(w1),Bramhas 3 0 19 0(w1),Sameer 3 0 26 0(nb1), J Sudish 9 0 29 0,Uday 7 2 28 0(w1),M Sudish 2 0 20 0,Amit 3 0 21 0,Hejas 5 2 5 4,Anup 4 3 6 0.

An eccentric draw

A curious if enjoyable day.In contrast to the previous day at Wembley where lbws galore sped Nomads to victory via two qualified ECB Officials our Margao friends sharing umpiring duties would give nothing out so retiring out six batsmen was appropriate. 

Nomads fielded a very weak and ancient side, one runner, three aged trotters and several statues.

Opening the bowling James Hamilton was a bit off target and was punished while fellow opening bowler Chris Stride fresh from success at Wembley bowled a Margao opener early. Paul Fielding bowled steadily with guile and on another day would have recorded at least a fifer but in fact finished with just two bowled. Pagie was unimpressed with Nomads fielding and took himself off after five overs.  Margao declared generously after 35 overs on 262.

Nomads devoid of regular batsmen other than Rupert Style then put on a more than decent response. Against a variety of bowlers Rupert together with young James Hamilton added 183 for the first wicket.Margao set a defensive field from the start and both batsmen ran endless singles, 99 in total. At 183-0   Nomads, in theory, threatened to win. However a full team conference amongst the Margao players resulted in the wicket keeper removing his pads and bowling quick and accurately. Swiftly Nomads were 194-4, all 4 to Hejas who bowled Hamilton, Style and Armitage and trapped Stride lbw. When asked what he thought of his lbw, Chris Stride replied “Absolutely plumb,just like five of the Margao players”. However Professor Page and veteran debutant Vic Mayer saw Nomads to a creditable draw. Indeed Vic stuck a mighty boundary four in the last over.

After the game both teams enjoyed a sumptuous feast arranged by Keith Alexander and a hard core of Nomads eventually joined by Keith left late. However there was some mischievous debate as to how the game might have gone if Wednesday’s umpires has stood on Thursday.

Many thanks to Crouchend CC for hosting the day.

In 2011 Nomads were on tour in Goa with several Crouchend players in the squad. Nomads played two matches at Margao CC, again we were under strength though Wakers and Charles Peerless played well.

Previous matches
2011 Nomads lost twice to Margao CC

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