Wednesday May 1st v The Stage CC


MATCH 15 Nomads CC v The Stage CC Wednesday May 1st 1.30pm at Stanmore CC Stanmore Hill Stanmore Middx HA7 4LB  Time game 20 over from 5.15pm

Result:    The Stage won by 35 runs with 14 overs to go!
Toss:      Nomads CC
Umpires:   D Manners & P Graham
Scorer:    Liza Davis & AN Other

THE STAGE CC Innings   
C Sanjay   c Thornton b Butcher  67
O Owen*    c Ellis    b Marshall 57
I Sohal    lbw        b Butcher   0
S Sunny    lbw        b Marshall  0
N Dugdale  not out                5
R Barrett  lbw        b Marshall  6
J Davis    c Thornton b Butcher  14
C Graham   bowled       Page      4
P Tripp    bowled       Page      8
P Nikesh   c Durrant  b Lashwayo  2
P Pritesh  bowled       Lashwayo  1
Extras     (b9,lb5,w4,nb0)       18
TOTAL      (All out,41 overs)   182


Bowling-Butcher 19 2 112 3,Marshall 15 3 37 3,Page 5 0 12 2,Lashwayo 2 0 7 2.

J Lascelles  lbw        b Nikesh   8
R Latchman   lbw        b Barret   8
J Thornton   bowled(p/o)  Barrett 15
R Lashwayo   c Speed    b Nikesh   8
M Durrant    bowled       Barrett  0
C Stride     c & b        Barrett  4
A Marshall   not out              33
C Page       lbw        b Barrett 20
B Butcher    bowled       Tripp    7
ME Blumberg* c Sohal    b Pritesh  1
D Ellis+     lbw        b Davis   22
Extras      (b18,lb2,w1,nb1)      22
TOTAL       (All out,35 overs)   147


Bowling-Nikesh 8 1 33 2,Barrett 10 4 21 5,Tripp 6 0 39 1,Pritesh 7 0 24 1,Davis 4 0 9 1.

The Stage defeats Andy Marshall

A curious match indeed played on a dodgy pitch! The Stage openers rightly chose to flash their bats rather than try and hang around and they did so with good effect and a ample slice of good luck. Once we had the two opening batsman out the Stage succumbed meekly to the Nomads bowlers. Butcher had taken some punishment in between beating the bat before finally coming good and Andy Marshall bowled beautifully. “You always over bowl people”, regularly moaned grumpy Chris Page then he and Raymond took out the tail for 8 runs.

Nomads batting started in fine style with boundaries from Lascelles and Latchman but both fell lbw for just 8! Jon Thornton looked good until he played on rather carelessly.The middle order failed despite a fabulous shot for six from Raymond. Nomads at 69-6 seemed dead and buried. However Andy Marshal with several partners notably Pagie and no 11 Duncan Ellis took the score to 147 before Duncan was lbw. Thirty five short but we should have won this match.

Previous Matches 
2018 Match Cancelled
2017 The Stage won 6 wickets

October 29, 2019 2:27 pm

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